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Rev. Tom Park was installed as missionary to the Hmong on Sunday, September 15th 2013 at a special service.   

Currently, Rev. Park serves about 90 Hmong at Bethlehem as well as reaches out on the East Side of St. Paul.  In addition, he will assist in starting two additional churches in nearby suburbs, where thousands of Hmong reside.  

Lou Hang is the church president.  He is the second Hmong member to serve as church president.  Lou brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from various banking and consulting postions as well as the past fulltime executive director of The Hmong Chamber of Commerce.  He also gives the Hmong members greater visibility and voice in the direction and future of the church. 

JOY Academy, the Lutheran Day School, started at Bethlehem in 2009.  Many Hmong and other ethnic groups have taken advantage of this Classical Education school. 

The future looks bright!  One Hmong member serves as the church treasurer, another, Sunday Superintendent.  One the director for the Board of Church Fellowship, two other Hmong men serve as elders.  The Sunday School staff consists primarily of Hmong members.     


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