A. Children

I. Sunday SchoolAt Bethlehem, there is Sunday School for children ages 2 through grade 12 every Sunday throughout the year.  Members and non-members are welcome!  During the Sunday School hour, children learn Bible stories interactively through instruction and an art project.  Children who are new to our Sunday School Program receive a Children’s Bible storybook.  Children who have completed second grade, receive a hardcover Bible.  For further information, please contact the church office at 651.776.4737. 

II. Kool Klub – (Kool Klub has been suspended until further notice) Children meet every Wednesday at Bethlehem in the library from 4:00 – 5:30 pm.

A normal day at Kool Klub consists of the following in order: chapel service in the sanctuary, interactive Bible story, group time, art and craft, snack and beverage and dismissal.  The children learn songs and hymns in chapel, besides learning the Creed and Lord’s Prayer and hearing a children’s message.  Once a quarter, the children will sing a hymn in church that they have learned.  The arts and crafts, will correspond to the Bible story. 

Kool Klub is an initiative to work with neighborhood children in Dayton’s Bluff and Indian Mounds Park.  It is also a way in which to connect local businesses with children’s learning and achievement.  If you would like to donate money or gifts for the children, please contact the church office.

If you would like your child to be part of Kool Klub, bring them to Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Wednesday at 4:00.  We encourage children to attend Kool Klub every week, once they start attending.  This way, we can maintain stability and continuity.

III. Music in the City – (Music in the City has been suspended until further notice) Children in Grades 1 – 6 from Bethlehem Lutheran Church and the community, gather on Wednesday’s in the church library to learn to play and sing church music. 

A well-trained musician and conductor leads two groups (Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6) of children in learning how to play the recorder, tone chimes and hand bells.  In addition, she works intensely with the voices of the children to mold them into a beautiful choir, which sings both at Bethlehem and in the community. 

Thanks in part to a generous grant, Bethlehem started this dynamic program in the fall of 2011.  Any child in the community is allowed to participate as long as there is an opening.  Due to the nature of teaching and growing, children will only be allowed to enter at the beginning or near the beginning of each fall.

B. Adults

I. Adult Bible Study (Sunday Morning) – Immediately following the service.  Adults (members and non-members) are encouraged to join the large group Bible study in the fellowship hall. Pastor Missling is teaching The Explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism.
II. Wednesday Morning Bible Study – Members and friends of Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church meet every Wednesday morning (10 am) in the library to study the forthcoming Sunday’s lessons.  Pastor Scot Missling and participants follow a study guide that is very helpful in generating stimulating questions.
III. LifeLight Bible Study Series – LifeLight is an in-depth Bible study produced by Concordia Publishing House (CPH) for adults of all ages.  One of the goals of LifeLight is to help develop the habit of studying God’s Word on a daily basis.  The classes start in early fall (usually September and late winter or early spring).  To participate in one of these studies, please call the church office.
IV. “Christian Teachings” Pastor Missling teaches the class.  Participants learn the basic teachings of the Christian faith.  For those who complete “Christian Teachings,” they may apply for membership at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  For more information, contact the church office.  The classes start in early fall (ususally September and the mid-winter or early spring class usally starts in February or early March). 
If you have any questions on the above Bible Studies, please contact the church office at 651.776.4737.