The members of Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church value all people.  Therefore, the members of Bethlehem carry on ministries that all people can relate too.  Things like Sunday School, weekday Bible Classes, youth group or choir. The center of ministry is the focus on Christ and His work for sinners.  
The Bible says that God wants “all to be saved.”  The members of Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church take this promise very seriously and in so doing takes His Word into the community through various ways. 

The church or a member may reach out to the neighbor.  Members may conduct programs that celebrate certain occasions such as National Night Out, Halloween and Thanksgiving (Harvest Fest), Christmas, and Easter (Easter Faire).

The focus of all that Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church does is to pass on the wonderful news of the Savior, Jesus Christ who lived, died and rose again.  He did that for every person.