1886 (Spring) – Land purchased and Lutheran School built by Zion Lutheran Church in Dayton’s Bluff.
1887 (May 01) – 27 former members of mother church, Zion Lutheran, formerly organize, “Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Unaltered Augsburg Confession, of St. Paul, Minnesota.”
1887 (August 07) – The Rev. Ed. Albrecht was ordained and became the first pastor for the mission church.
1888 (September 23) – Bethlehem’s first church building was dedicated.  It was 32 x 60 feet with a balcony on one end and was considered “spacious.”
1892 – The congregation built a “large” and “roomy” parsonage on Margaret St for Rev. W. von Schenk.
1901 – The Ladies Aid Society was formed by Rev. H. Meyer.
1903 (January 04) – The congregation passed a resolution to introduce English services, which lasted for a little while.
1907 (February) – Due to a reported lack of attendance at the English services, they were discontinued.
1912 (April) – English services were reintroduced every Sunday evening.
1914 (May 07) – The congregation resolved to build the present church building.  E. L. Masqueray was chosen as the architect.  A bid for $45,750.00 was received to build the entire church.
1915 (October 10) – A dedication service for the new church was held.
1917 (April 06) – The beginning of WWI.  Twenty six young men from Bethlehem answered the call.
1927 (June 05) – The 40thAnniversary of the church and entrance into the newly decorated church.
1938 (May 01) – The congregation “burned” the mortgage. 
1940 (October) – The present two console Wickes organ with chimes and numerous pipes was installed.
(1943 – 1945) – The communion rail and candelabras were given as memorials.  The baptismal font was refurbished and dedicated.  The art glass windows were installed above the altar.  The Rose Window was given as a memorial by members and installed in the balcony.
(1939 – 1945) – WWII.  One hundred four men from Bethlehem answered the call to defend our country.  The bell in the tower was donated in memory of Gordon Lindholm, who did not return from war. 
1946 – Pastor Gamber started a mission church (Eastern Heights Lutheran Church), a few miles east of Bethlehem.
1948 – Pastor Gamber was elected district president of the Minnesota District – Missouri Synod.  He took a call also to a smaller parish. 
1957 (May 26) – The new “Parish House” was dedicated on the church’s 70th Anniversary. 
1959 (Fall) – Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Eastern Heights Lutheran Church formed a cooperation to operate a joint school (K – 6), East St. Paul Lutheran School Association.  Later, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church on Johnson Parkway the association.  ESPL offices were located at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church.  East St Paul Lutheran School was closed in 2009. 
1959 (Fall) – Bethlehem took an active part in starting St. Paul Lutheran High School, which opened its doors at Bethlehem. 
1967 – The outside and inside of the church went major renovation (i.e. tuck pointing, chancel, altar, windows)
1971 – JOY Preschool started at Bethlehem.
1981 (September) – Bethlehem purchased a parsonage in the Battle Creek area for its new pastor and family.  The home was sold in 2015. 
2009 With the closing of East St Paul; Lutheran School, Bethlehem opened JOY Academy.
2019 After ten eventful years, JOY Academy closes