Kool Klub

Kool Klub began at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Children in grades 1-4 will meet every Tuesday at Bethlehem in the library from 4:30 – 6:00 pm.

A normal day at Kool Klub consists of the following in order: chapel service in the sanctuary, interactive Bible story, group time, art and craft, snack and beverage and dismissal.  The children will learn songs and hymns in chapel, besides learning the Creed and Lord’s Prayer and hearing a children’s message.  Once a quarter, the children will sing a hymn in church that they have learned.  The arts and crafts, will correspond to the Bible story.

Some Tuesday’s around holidays or other special days, will be theme days.  Theme days will provide variety, while allowing children to be creative and involved.

Music will be emphasized as a key way in which to learn.  Kool Klub is designed to help children develop in a number of areas.  One of which is spiritually.  Children will learn hymns and spiritual songs, which beatifully tell the story of Jesus’ love.

Kool Klub is an initiative to work with neighborhood children in Dayton’s Bluff and Indian Mounds Park.  It is also a way in which to connect local businesses with children’s learning and achievement.  If you would like to donate money or gifts for the children, please contact Pastor.

If you would like your child to be part of Kool Klub, bring them to Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Tuesday at 4:30.  We encourage children to attend Kool Klub every week, once they start attending.  This way, we can maintain stability and continuity.